About Me

As a product of the Montville Township public school system and a graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (RC) and then Ramapo College, it gives me great pleasure to give back as a high school science teacher and now as Secretary-Treasurer for NJEA.

For years, I had the opportunity to proudly serve the members of the Wayne Education Association in our quest for educational excellence through community partnering, establishment of strong positive relationships, and successfully standing for the rights of educators as we work to ensure we have great public schools for all our children.

In these times, it takes a comprehensive effort to guide our members and our profession through the many obstacles presented and towards the respect and accolades we deserve. There can be no success at the state level without triumph at our local levels and no local can reach its full potential without state victories for public education.

Given the importance of layered successes, in addition to serving as a state Officer, I have also served as a local association president, as an executive board member at the county level (Passaic County Education Associations), as a chairperson at the state level (Congressional Contact Committee Chair for the New Jersey Education Association), and have represented members nationally at the Representative Assembly for the National Education Association (a summary of my service can be found on the Accomplishments page).

I look forward to utilizing the skills and experiences learned through my years of service, combined with the progressive ideas needed to respect our past as we build our future.

The time is now, the future is now.

Thank you.